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Local Versatile Actor Nic Detorie

Written by  Frankie Kujawa
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Master of the media tells secrets of success!

Daniel Radcliffe once said, “Any actor worth their salt wants to show as much versatility as they can.” Actor and model Nic Detorie embodies this sentiment. Detorie’s work runs the gamut from commercials, print, live events, TV, and film. He recently sat down with me to talk about his life in entertainment.

Growing up in the southwest Baltimore neighborhood of Violetville, Detorie’s career grew from his childhood fascinations. “My acting background comes from ventriloquism,” Detorie began. “I was about ten years old and was reading the Goosebumps story called “Night of the Living Dummy.” I always loved horror movies, but after reading that book I thought, ‘What is a ventriloquist dummy?’ and I wanted to have one of these dolls. I researched magic shops in the area and found one that had a Mortimer Snerd dummy. It was a beginner’s dummy and I became really good at it.” Detorie went on to explain that as he grew up, he began to win talent shows in middle school for his ventriloquism.

That’s what sparked his interest in acting, Detorie explains. After some classes and early performances in children’s theater, Detorie continued with his theater training into his young teens. After performing in a few local middle-school productions, including some Neil Simon acts, Detorie enrolled at Cardinal Gibbons High School. It was while there that he was cast in the school performance of You Can’t Take It with You. “It was a minor role, but at that point I loved acting and I really enjoyed it.”

Eventually moving to Harford County, while still at Cardinal Gibbons, Detorie continued to do some stage crew work for the high school theater program but soon diversified his interests, taking a break from acting.

After graduating, Detorie worked in sales and bar-tended. “It was in my early twenties that I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. I had always loved acting and always wanted to be an actor,” he told me. “I did some research on how to get into movies. Someone had shared with me that a horror film was filming in Hagerstown. The film was called Lovely Molly. After the open call, I received a call to do some extra work for the movie. While there I began to ask people on the set lots of questions about the industry. Production assistants told me that I needed professional photos, needed to take some more acting classes, and to begin to look for agents.”

Detorie eventually did have some photos taken and found himself an agency to represent him. Initially, he was met with some roadblocks until he fine-tuned his photographs and began treating his acting less as a hobby and more as a business. “From that point on, I realized I would have to showcase good work and have good photographs. I started taking more acting classes and seminars. I began to network and meet other people in the industry.”

As entertainment gigs began to develop, Detorie began to expand into commercial work and modelling. “I was simultaneously still working in sales while trying to get into the industry in general. I realized that my photos were attracting more and more agents.” Detorie’s commercial work garnered him national ads ranging from Lowe’s Home Improvement and Zero Water. As his print and commercial modelling gigs continued to increase, Detorie has also found success in television, such as Destination America’s documentary series “A Haunting.” Most recently, Detorie appeared as incarcerated serial killer Henry Lee Lucas on ID Network’s “Who Killed Jane Doe?”

“Along with film and television, I do a lot of live work,” Detorie explained. “For the different avenues of the industry, such as commercial print, TV, and film, being an entertainment personality has allowed me to always do something different. One day I can be a video host for a company’s internal video to playing an incarcerated murderer the next day. It allows me to be newly creative each time I book a job because no two jobs are the same in this industry. That’s one of the things that attracts me to it.”

As a Maryland native and resident, living in a mid-Atlantic state has allowed Detorie to branch out into other locations, as well. “I think living in Maryland has affected my career positively because all towns essentially have commercial advertising. Everywhere in the U.S. and Canada have towns with advertising needs. I also feel that if you are willing to travel, and it’s worth your while, there is always opportunity. If you’re dedicated and have talent, I truly believe that you can live anywhere and succeed in this field.”

Looking to the future, Detorie continues to strive towards continued hard work as well as being creative in all his entertainment fields. “I want to continue to better my career and craft, as well as business for continued success,” he told me. When asked if he ever gets tired of the fast-paced life that his work demands, Detorie laughed: “Well, obviously not. As we speak, I’m off to South America for a job in Peru. I’ll be there for ten days working on my next upcoming project.” It’s clear that the versatile actor and model shows no sign of slowing down and his career bristles with eager determination.

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