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Friday, August 18, 2017

Conversion Therapy is Torture

To the entire LGBT community: Let’s begin as a community to state the truth without putting lipstick on a pig. Personally, it sickens me when I see someone from GLAAD or HRC on television calling conversion therapy “praying the gay away.” That is downright as truthful as a Donald Trump tweet, and might show how we attempt to soften our message for consumption by the mainstream. Or, it might hide something very sad: our own attempt to not accept what has been done to us as a collective community for years – and that, my friends, is torture.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Stand Up for Our Humanity

When the Ravens announced that they are considering signing Colin Kaepernick to the team, the floodgates opened in Baltimore. It is not simply a matter of football. It is loaded, political, and rife with meaning. It is news underlying actions wielding the jagged edge of a knife, it is coming down on one side or the other, it is fierce, defiant, divisive and ugly – though for many it holds the possibility of healing, reconciliation, and a ray of hope. It is a symbol and symptom of life in Donald Trump’s America.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Actions or Words?

“Ask yourself who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community, Donald Trump with actions or Hillary Clinton with her words? I will tell you who the better friend is, and someday I believe that will be proven out, big-league.” – Donald Trump, June 2016

What a difference 13 shocking and hapless months can make. Thirteen months ago, Donald Trump was on the campaign trail touting himself as a friend to the LGBTQ community, pledging to “fight for you” more bigly than Hillary Rodham Clinton ever could. Pledging to fight against those who would threaten our freedom and beliefs.

Recent battles over the rainbow flag and the Star of David have exposed long-simmering biases.

Seventy-eight. 80. 84. These are the ages of three of the liberal Supreme Court justices about whom speculation on possible retirement dates swarm daily – Justices Breyer, Kennedy, and Ginsburg. As the age scale tips against them (and Kennedy drops loaded retirement hints) all we can do is watch and anguish over when and how the major advancements and institutional progress that have been won for our community will be overturned and erased, one by one. Yes, the spector of another three-and-a-half years with Trump and/or Pence in the Oval Office looms larger and more threatening by the hour.


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