Friday, February 20, 2015

Equality Maryland Seeks to Educate Through Statewide Training

We are familiar with Equality Maryland’s work in helping to bring about marriage equality and gender identity non-discrimination that had been enacted into law in Maryland. Yet, even with those two landmark achievements, the work is not finished as Marylanders still need to be educated on matters affecting the LGBT community.

Friday, January 23, 2015

This upcoming Pride season could very well be the most prideful summer ever. The U.S. Supreme Court announced on January 16 that it will be taking up the issue of same-sex marriage and is expected to rule once and for all if gays and lesbians have the Constitutional right to marry and whether lawful marriages must be recognized by other states.

Oral arguments are projected to take place in April and a final ruling is anticipated by the end of June. The Court will extend the time for oral arguments from the normal one hour to two and a half hours.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Oregon to have first openly Bisexual governor

Salem, OR - Oregon’s governor is the first openly bisexual governor in the nation. Secretary of State Kate Brown succeeds embattled former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat who announced his resignation this on February 13. Governor Brown took office last Wednesday, Feb. 18. Kitzhaber had been under fire for his fiancé’s potential conflicts of interest. He was re-elected last November to a historic fourth term despite the ongoing controversy. Because Oregon does not have a lieutenant governor, the secretary of state is next in line to become governor.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hello Charm City Lesbians! What a pleasure it has been connecting with Mary Taylor at Baltimore OUTloud to express my interest in reaching out to you. As a native Marylander, I recently relocated back to Baltimore after ten years in Florida. Even though it’s the middle of the winter, Mary’s laughter and wacky sense of humor cut through the cold and warmed me right up when I called her. If you didn’t know, Mary is also a community ally so I wanted to start my column by giving her a shout out!

Friday, February 20, 2015

You may have heard that people spend more time planning their annual vacations than they do planning for retirement. Whether you start your retirement planning years or weeks before that glorious day, you will follow similar steps to determine the lifestyle you can expect in retirement.

What do you want to do in retirement? The first step I recommend is determining what retirement looks like to you. Previous generations used retirement to slow down life. The extent of their retirement may have been watching television and taking an annual cruise. As they have with so many other things, Baby Boomers are rebelling against the standard and redefining retirement. Many retirees are now starting new careers, working part time, volunteering, playing golf, or traveling the globe.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dear Dr Eva,

I’ve been thinking about getting my nipples pierced. I like the idea of having them pierced, but I wonder what will happen if I have a baby and breastfeed. Could the nipples get damaged somehow that it could adversely affect feeding a baby?


Friday, February 20, 2015

A week before Valentine’s Day. I’m sitting in the old Zodiac which is now the Yellow Sign Theater. The new owners kept the old incredibly atmospheric astrological wall mural, which sets a mood and really opens the place up. There’s a working neon green clock in the center of a yellow sun encircled by half-naked deities. A hunky Neptune gripping his trident and a goddess wearing nipple tassels seems very fitting for the “Twisted Knickers Burlesque, Love Stinks” show tonight. Packed wall-to-wall with people-sardines the show is sold-out. A huge, humorous salmon sign on the wall inside above the entrance reads, “Fresh Fish Today.” I can hardly wait.

Friday, February 20, 2015

On a Valentine’s Day Weekend that saw the leather-filled Fifty Shades of Gray lead at the movie box office, the leather community gathered at several large events to select and sash some future leaders. While many East coast leather clubs hosted bar nights on Saturday, February 14, others gathered in Orlando, St. Petersburg, and Philadelphia for leather contests.

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