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LGBTQ News Compilation-September 15

After wanting to be a girl, boy says it was a mistake

Australia – states that The Independent and Now To Love have reported that twelve year old Australian schoolboy, Patrick Mitchell, believed he would be more comfortable being a girl. The child begged his mother to let him begin taking estrogen hormones after doctors diagnosed him with ‘gender dysphoria’ the condition which leads people to believe they were born as the wrong gender. “You wish you could just change everything about you, you just see any girl and you say I’d kill to be like that,” Mitchell explained on 60 Minutes. “When everyone went to sleep I’d stay up late researching trans people and potential surgeries that I could have to make me look more feminine,” he told Now To Love.

Mitchell’s mother took the advice of a professional, who claimed it was the right choice for her son to take estrogen and became fully supportive of her child’s transition. Mitchell grew out his hair and started to take the hormones, which resulted in him growing breasts. However, two years later, Mitchell became unsure whether he was making the right decision, and changed his mind. “I began to realize I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” he told Now To Love. “I was experiencing discomfort in my gender but that’s no longer the case.” “It was the first time I’d heard the phrase ‘trans’, and because I’d always identified with girls I thought, well, this makes sense, I probably am a girl,” he explains. “I was always more feminine and liked baking, gymnastics, and fashion – my superhero name was Organza Man.”

Mitchell explained that he was not worried about telling his mother he had made a mistake and wanted to stay as a male. “I wasn’t nervous to tell Mum of my decision – she’d been so open and supportive of me in my transition,” he said. “I felt my heart sing in that exchange,” the boy’s mother explained. “That moment between parent and child when you know it’s taken every drop of courage for that child to speak up… I didn’t know what the coming days would bring, but I knew his thoughts had caught up with his body.” In the beginning of 2017, teachers at school began to refer to him as a girl which triggered Mitchell to question if he had made the right decision. Now, in a bid to revert back to his original body, he has stopped taking his medication and is about to have an operation to remove excess breast tissue in what will be the final stage of his transition. ( at & The Independent at

Trump Administration sides with anti-gay baker

Washington, D.C. - The US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed an amicus brief on September 7 backing a Colorado baker who refused to provide a wedding cake for a Gay couple. In 2012, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop, located in Lakewood, Colorado, refused service to David Mullins and Charlie Craig, saying that his religion disapproved of same-sex marriage and that he was prohibited by his beliefs from assisting the couple's marriage.

Phillips told CBS News that he opposed same-sex marriage so strongly that he would stop making wedding cakes altogether rather than make one for a Lesbian or Gay couple. Mullins and Craig then complained to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which ruled that the baker violated the state's public accommodations law, which prohibits businesses from refusing service on the basis of sex and sexual orientation, among other grounds. In a subsequent court case, Phillips and his company were found guilty of violating the nondiscrimination law. He then appealed, lost again at the Colorado Court of Appeals, and finally brought the case to the US Supreme Court on the grounds of First Amendment free speech and religious freedom protections. The high court declined to schedule hearings on the case, not once but 13 times. Then, on June 27 this year, it agreed to hear Phillips' appeal this fall.

The DOJ amicus brief advised the Supreme Court that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his department support Phillips' claim that the First Amendment protects his right to refuse service to LGBT people on religious grounds. Louise Melling, deputy legal director of the ACLU, condemned the DOJ brief. “This Justice Department has already made its hostility to the rights of LGBT people and so many others crystal clear,” she said in a statement. “But this brief was shocking, even for this administration. What the Trump administration is advocating for is nothing short of a constitutional right to discriminate. We are confident that the Supreme Court will rule on the side of equal rights, just as the lower courts have.” (Seattle Gay News – Mike Andrew at

Chinese military says potential recruits jerk-off too much

Beijing, China – As reported in The New York Post, the Chinese military says excessive masturbation and too many video games are among the reasons its physical-test failure rates have reached an “alarming high.” The People’s Liberation Army is now dishing out advice after one city saw more than half its candidates — 56.9 percent — fail their physicals, according to the BBC.

PLA found that 8 percent of candidates failed because of abnormalities found in their scrotum from sitting too much. Another 25 percent flunked because of blood and urine tests. It recommended that candidates follow 10 basic principles, including exercising more, cutting out fizzy drinks and booze, limiting computer games and masturbation, not getting a tattoo and drinking clean water. The advice was instantly mocked by users on social media microblog Sina Weibo. “Next year they’ll be asking for circumcisions!” said one user.

The PLA has struggled to recruit new members, despite desperate measures to find candidates like releasing a rap recruitment video last year. The Ministry of Defense last month announced the PLA would be cut from 2 million to 1 million — a move that some believe is due to a lack of new recruits. (The New York Post at

Gay man’s suit claiming false sex abuse report gets trial date

Pennsauken, NJ - Thomas Vandergrift has been on a six-year quest for justice, ever since Pennsauken school-district officials reported him to New Jersey authorities for suspected child sex abuse. The reports subsequently were determined to be unfounded. But Vandergrift reportedly has suffered greatly due to the ordeal, and has been unable to hold a job. In 2012, Vandergrift filed suit against the Pennsauken school district and various school officials, seeking an unspecified amount in damages and corrective measures within the district. Last month, Vandergrift moved a step closer to his day in court when U.S. Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider announced a Dec. 4 jury-trial date, barring unforeseen circumstances.

In August 2011, Vandergrift informed school officials that he advised his nephew, who is autistic, on proper bathing, after officials complained of body odor emanating from the child. District officials promptly contacted the New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services and reported that Vandergrift may have inappropriately touched his nephew, according to court papers. Vandergrift contends the suspected sex abuse reports were retaliatory in nature, because he’s gay and advocated for a proper education for his autistic nephew. Neither side had a comment for this story. But in court papers, district officials deny any wrongdoing and continue to seek dismissal of Vandergrift’s case.

In a deposition, Vandergrift blasted school officials for not questioning his nephew before reporting Vandergrift as a suspected child sex abuser. “The only reason you called [DYFS] is because I’m gay and advocating for [my nephew’s] proper education,” Vandergrift said. “If I wasn’t being a pain in the rear, trying to get him the right education, you wouldn’t have called. If I was straight, you wouldn’t have called. Don’t you see that? There was no reasonable belief [of inappropriate touching].” At the time of the allegations, Vandergrift was employed as a teacher, but no longer wishes to hold that profession. “I can’t wait to go to law school, because I’m going to come back and make sure every single kid in that district is being served properly,” Vandergrift said in his deposition. “I’m not going to go back as a teacher because I can’t be around kids because [school district officials] fucked me up in the head.” Vandergrift’s mother and nephew also gave depositions in his support. Vandergrift’s mother noted that her son merely instructed his nephew on how to bathe properly, after school officials complained of body odor from the child. “You have a little boy who’s 9 years old who doesn’t know anything and it’s not that you’re touching them. You just say, ‘You’ve got to wash down there in your man parts.’ Yes, I think it’s OK. Because if no one else can do it, how’s he going to learn anything?” she testified. (Philadelphia Gay News – Tom Cwiek at

Lesbian’s lies about rape sends man to jail

London, England - A fantasist who invented rape and sexual assault allegations against 15 men to get attention from her girlfriend has been jailed for ten years. Jemma Beale, 25, claimed she had been raped by nine men and seriously sexually by six in four different encounters over the space of three years, causing one man to be wrongly jailed.

Beale’s first victim, Mahad Cassim, served two years and nine months in jail, while she received £11,000 in criminal injuries compensation following the alleged rape. Beale made her first allegation, against Mr. Cassim, in November 2010. The 37-year-old Somalian was giving Beale a lift home when she directed him to an alleyway and told him to pull off his underwear. He was tried for rape in December 2011 but jurors were unable to reach verdicts. In a retrial the following month he was convicted and jailed for seven years.

Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith, sitting at London’s Southwark Crown Court, warned that her “grotesque” string of lies would increase the likelihood of guilty men going free and prevent real victims from reporting such crimes. The court heard that she went on to make a string of false allegations that took up 6,400 hours of police time and cost at least £250,000. Most lies began “impulsively” following drunken rows with girlfriends as she sought attention and to arouse jealousy. The judge told Beale she was a “very, very convincing liar” and “enjoyed being seen as a victim.” He added: “What is particularly chilling is the manner in which you persisted in making allegations which you knew were untrue even to the extent of committing and repeating perjury. “These false allegations of rape, false allegations which will inevitably be widely publicized, are likely to have the perverse impact of increasing the likelihood of guilty men going free. "Cases such as this bring a real risk that a woman who has been raped or sexually assaulted may not complain to the police for fear of not being believed." (The Telegraph - Victoria Ward at

Professor with help brutally kills boyfriend as sexual fantasy

Chicago, IL - A Northwestern University professor, since fired, and a man who worked for Oxford University in England are facing first degree murder charges in the slaying of the professor’s 26-year-old boyfriend, according to police. Wyndham Lathem, 46, an associate professor of microbiology-immunology, and Andrew Warren, 56, have officially been charged in the fatal stabbing of Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, a hairstylist.

The fatal stabbing was part of a sexual fantasy hatched in an online chatroom between a Lathem and Warren, whose plan included killing someone and then themselves, prosecutors told a Cook County judge at a bond hearing for the men. The Illinois prosecutor shared disturbing details about the July 27 slaying, describing to the court how Cornell-Duranleau was stabbed 70 times at Lathem’s Chicago condo with such brutality that he was nearly decapitated. His throat was slit and pulmonary artery torn.

Lathem had communicated for months before with Warren “carrying out their sexual fantasies of killing others and then themselves,” Natosha Toller, an assistant Cook County state’s Attorney, told the court. Lathem paid for Warren’s ticket to travel to the United States. Cornell-Duranleau had been asleep in Lathem’s high-rise Chicago condo when Lathem let Warren into the 10th-floor unit around 4:30 a.m. on July 27 — treading carefully so as not to wake the victim. As Warren stood in a doorway, Lathem crept up to Cornell-Duranleau and began plunging a 6-inch drywall saw knife into his chest and neck, Toller said. Lathem had told Warren to take video of the killing using his cellphone, but Warren did not end up recording it, the prosecutor said. When Cornell-Duranleau awoke, he began screaming and fought back; Lathem yelled at Warren, asking him to help subdue Cornell-Duranleau, the prosecutor said. Warren ran over to cover the victim’s mouth, and then struck him in the head with a heavy lamp in an attempt to silence him, Toller said. As Lathem continued to stab the victim, Warren left the room and returned with two kitchen knives, she said. Warren bent over Cornell-Duranleau and joined Lathem in stabbing him, the prosecutor said. At one point, the victim bit Warren’s hand as he struggled to fight off the attack. She said the victim’s last words were to Lathem: “Wyndham, what are you doing?”(The Chicago Tribune, & the Associated Press at and

Move afoot in Minnesota to replace Columbus with Prince

St. Paul, MNGay Star News reports that residents of Minnesota are petitioning to replace the Christopher Columbus statue at the State Capitol in St. Paul with one of late musician, Prince. Over 5,500 people have signed the petition, addressed to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and the Minnesota State Legislature.

“Across the nation, city governments are choosing to remove statues of white supremacists, slave owners, and those who threatened the livelihood of Black people,” the petition description reads. “Here in Minnesota, communities are reigniting the demand to bring down state’s monument to Christopher Columbus, a man who murdered, raped and enslaved Black and Native peoples in the Americas. We, the undersigned, do not believe that Columbus represents the values Minnesotans carry. Rather than glorify a man who wanted to extinguish Black and Native peoples, we should honor members of our community whose leadership we find inspirational.”

Price, the androgynous musician and Jehovah’s Witness, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1958. He died of an accidental overdose in Chanhassen, Minnesota in 2016. spoke with Wintana Melekin, the creator of the petition. “I spend a lot of time at our State Capitol. It’s a space that already does not feel inviting or inclusive to communities of color,” Melekin said. “The replacement of Columbus is about the deep history of white supremacy and colonialism in the United States and the need for Minnesota to lead the country in this moment. Plus we all know Prince is a genius and who wouldn’t pick him over Columbus anyway,’ Melekin continued. [Ed Note: A complex man of artistic genius who was active in a homophobic religion for years. Hard to reconcile. JB] (Gay Star News at

Out rugby player gets league to support gay marriage

Sydney, Australia - Gay Star News reports that the first openly gay rugby league footballer Ian Roberts successfully urged the league to publicly support same-sex marriage in Australia. After a long professional career, Roberts came out as gay in 1995 – a world first for the sport.

In the midst of an upcoming same-sex marriage public vote, he wrote to the National Rugby League chief executive Todd Greenberg. In the email, he urged the code to throw their support behind the ‘yes’ campaign for marriage equality. He received a call from Greenberg to confirm the support. Roberts wrote the letter after four close friends committed suicide for struggling with their sexuality. But one got to him in particular – the death of 13-year-old Tyrone Unsworth, a gay teen bullied so horrifically at school, he took his own life. Roberts said: “The poor kid was bullied at school for being gay. That’s what triggered me into doing this,” he said

Roberts said: “I’ve never felt so proud about our game. This will save lives,” reports the Daily Telegraph. “This is a moment in time that will be remembered forever,” he added. In 2015, the NRL publicly came out in support of marriage equality, but this latest move is for the ‘yes’ campaign.

Ian Roberts: “I feel so proud for the game.” Roberts believes rugby league has made leaps and bounds since he came out more than 20 years ago. He said: “Rugby league has been so strong in breaking down barriers and raising awareness about many issues, whether it’s to do with indigenous Australians or domestic violence against women. (Gay Star News = James Besanvalle at

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Beyond the Beltway

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