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Friday, December 08, 2017

Sexual Harassment...What Can Be Done?

In the past two months, an unprecedented number of well-known men have been revealed as sexual harassers and fired or forced to resign from high-profile jobs. There has been lots of justified condemnation of the harassers as well as praise for the bravery of the people who reported them.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Chat vs. Work Mode

Social media can be criticized for many reasons, but let me acknowledge that it also has many upsides. I’ve made a number of acquantances with whom the paths would not have crossed due to physical distance and separation of knowledge spheres. I find new information and resources in that venue that enrich my life and work. Here is a tweet that gave me food for thought:

Friday, December 08, 2017

Holiday Havoc?

Depression, Loneliness During Winter Months Can Lead to Increased Risk of Suicide for LGBT Elders

For many LGBT individuals, especially elders, the winter months can be a cold and lonely time. For some, feelings of sadness and depression can take a deep hold, and lead them to consider suicide. It’s important that those who may be experiencing isolation or depression, and the people close to them, understand the warning signs and risks of suicide during the winter months. Support and assistance is available to those who need it. Kate Bishop, education coordinator at the LGBT Health Resource Center, offers the following advice to elders coping with loneliness and depression.

If your doctor can’t prescribe a beach vacation, then instead you can...

Dear Dr. Eva,

Every year, as the days get shorter in the fall, I have a major loss of energy. I want to sleep longer and eat more. It starts in October or November. After the time change, with sunset now at 5 pm and earlier, it gets harder and harder to get out of bed. I feel unable to deal with people even in minor normal day-to-day interactions. At work, I’m struggling to keep up even with routine stuff. A lot of people I know also seem to be feeling bad and are commenting on the shorter days. Other than migrate South for the winter, which is way beyond me financially, what can people like me who are affected by the short days do to keep our moods from falling in the fall?

Feel like Hibernating

Friday, November 24, 2017

LGBT & 50-plus?

Tips for a Happy, Healthy, Stress-Less Holiday

From dealing with their families or families of choice, to budgeting their time, energy and finances, the holidays can be a particularly stressful time of year for LGBT elders.


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