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Ask Dr. Eva

by Eva Hersh, MD

Dear Dr. Eva,

I am an older person and a longtime member and observer of the gay scene. As I’m sure you know, cross-dressing (men dressing as women) has been part of gay life at least since the Victorian era. And since that time, cross-dressers have varied along a spectrum from part-time to full-time. For example, there have always been young gay male prostitutes who dress as female for work but dress and behave like gay men the rest of the time. At least since the 1800s there have been drag queens, men with the ability to transform themselves with clothes and make-up into beautiful women. Drag queens would dress as women for performances and to go out at night, but never for work or for routine day-to-day activities. Drag queens were often very interesting, intelligent men– I dated several, long-term. Then in the past couple of decades, we have seen a new type of full-time cross-dresser, known as transwomen.

Friday, April 28, 2017

When to Start HIV Meds?

Dear Dr. Eva,

My 16-year-old son recently learned he has HIV (not as bad as AIDS). The whole family is upset and trying to decide what’s best for him. It’s my understanding that it’s best to start HIV meds as soon as the virus is found, to protect the person’s ability to fight infections (the immune system). My son says he can’t take medicine every day and that it would remind him every day that he has the infection. Also he may just not be responsible enough – he often misses school and I know he uses some kind of drugs. What do you think?

Worried Dad

Friday, April 14, 2017

Why Can’t I Stay Awake?

Dear Dr. Eva,

I have always had problems staying awake in movies and boring classes. Over the past few years this has gotten worse to the point that I am falling asleep at work, especially in meetings. What can I do about this problem? I don’t like coffee or tea.

I. Doze

Friday, March 31, 2017

Questions About Depression

Dear Dr. Eva,

I am very concerned about my sister. We are both adults in our 20s. She has had depression on and off for many years, but this time it seems worse. She will sit and cry for hours and sometimes refuses to speak. She doesn’t want to leave the house at all, and I haven’t been able to get her to agree to see a mental health professional –  she says she’s tried that before and it didn’t help. I’m not saying very much to her either, because I’m afraid of saying something that could make it worse. Can you suggest what to say and what not to say, and any other ideas how I can help her?


Dear Dr. Eva,

What do you think about homeopathy? I know people who swear by it, but I have also heard that homeopathic medicines are just expensive water.


Friday, March 03, 2017

Transgender Rights at Risk

Whittling away at public- accommodation protections recalls some ugly American history

There will be a right for professional bakers not to bake wedding cakes for same-sex couples on the same day when there is a right for barbers not to cut the hair of red-haired people, for clothing store store staff not to sell pants to Evangelicals, and for waiters not to serve dessert to Bernie voters.

Winter will be with us for another month. In Maryland we’ve had some unseasonably warm days this winter as well as some unusually severe cold. Last week in Baltimore we had the third Code Blue alert, which occurs when temperatures, adjusted for wind chill, are expected to be 13˚F or below.


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