Saturday, September 03, 2016

Boystown Season 5: My Obsession Grows!

Written by  Megan Sandwick

As I started reading Boystown Season 5 by Jake Biondi I was wondering if my love and obsession with this series could grow? After I read the book 2nd time in a week, I have now placed this series in my binge watching/reading hall of fame. Boystown joins Friday Night Lights, Sex and the City, Gray’s Anatomy, The Golden Girls and The West Wing as a mental escape and party for my mind. It is the perfect read over and over series, not only because the pure power and sexiness of the characters is so easy to picture, but because what happens next is always better than you expected. While reading the dramatic twists, turns and hot sex of Season 5 I asked myself several times who would go batshit crazy next and was never disappointed, I always thought something was off Jacqueline but damn she is scandalous!

I love how the drama of Boystown Season 5 picks up right from where it left off.  In every episode Biondi manages to create stories with so much happening it truly takes more than one read to catch the beauty of the plot.  Biondi is one of the best at writing classic cliffhangers with questions that leave you just as curious as we all were waiting to find out ‘Who shot JR’ and like the build up waiting for the answer of Kirsten on Dallas, the twists and turns in Boystown never disappoint. From bodies landing on the sidewalk, to a dramatic hit and run car chase to a plane crash Season 5 is pure action, drama, intrigue oh and lust, there is plenty of lust.

Biondi’s ability to create bigger than life, dramatic and intense characters has drawn me to connect with the emotional roller coaster that is their daily life. After having been there with them through a plane crash, another hit and run scandal, baby daddy drama (who is the daddy and is psycho daddy alive or dead), friendly poisoning and crazy family lies I have developed a bond with this group. There are some I want to hang out with and some who drive me crazy, yeah you Emmett, I read your voice as very whiney!

The fast pacing of season 5 keeps up with the rest of the series. I love the fact that I never know what is going to happen with page swipe right. I have gone from hating Justin Mancini to hoping he gets to be the happy storyline for awhile, from thinking Jensen Stone is pure evil to cheering him on and from hating Keith to wanting him to be happy with Michael. Is it wrong that I was cheering when the bars slammed on Camille Ciancio as she was thrown in jail?

I also appreciate that there are also some things that have not changed during my Boystown obsession. My dislike Derek Mancini has never changed well except for how much it has grown that is. I have pure disdain for him over the way he treats his brothers and Cole. It has grown to the point where I don’t even think he’s hot when I read about him anymore.

Biondi is a master at blending the expected with surprise shocking twists. I found myself super excited reading about the planning and preparation for Justin Mancini and Gino Ciancio’s Wedding. I read about the genuine love, affection and support between these two with mixed emotions. While glad that they would finally be wed I correctly suspected the unexpected and wowza, I was not disappointed. I can’t wait to see what happens next! All I can say is do yourself a favor go, download Boystown now, it is a series that gets better with each new season!


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