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Like Ira Sachs’ Love is Strange, the Brazilian film The Way He Looks (Strand), the full-length feature debut by writer/director Daniel Ribiero, wasn’t just one of the best gay movies of the 2014 LGBT film fest circuit, it’s one of the best gay movies ever. Period.

Friday, April 17, 2015

True Story: Cat & Mouse (Yawn)

I’m usually up to speed on my movie background before going to see a movie, but I’ve managed to keep myself in the dark about the new drama True Story. I didn’t realize going in that the movie was based on a book by the same name about actual events involving the author and the subject of the book. I’m not sure knowing any of that would have made things any clearer.

Get Hard is the latest comedy from Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, and while Hart has seen his star ascend rather rapidly over the past year, Ferrell has hit kind of a plateau, teetering on the edge of a career flame-out thanks to an over-reliance on his patented, dim, over-grown man-child character that served him so well on SNL, and, when he first broke into movies, with films like Old School, Anchorman, and Elf. That character has grown tiresome (Anchorman 2 severely under-performed at the box office), and audiences haven’t taken to a more mature Ferrell in films like Stranger Than Fiction and Everything Must Go, so what’s the next step?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Insurgent Better Than Divergent

I’m coming late, but not too late, to the Divergent series having only seen the first film in preparation for the press screening earlier in the week. The plot of the first film basically tells us that a post-something future which has ruined the world sees its surviving humans divided into factions which are supposed to help society rebuild with everyone in their proper place.

Heist movies are sometimes difficult things to pull off. Some are successful (like Ocean’s Eleven) and some are not (like Ocean’s Twelve). Some are very dramatic, some have humorous undertones. The new heist movie Focus falls in the latter category, and adds a bit of romance into the mix.

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