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Friday, May 29, 2015

Truly Fast and Furious

Movies featuring car chases have been around for almost as long as cars and movies have existed (see The Keystone Cops). 1968’s Bullitt is credited for having the first real “car chase” scene that made audiences feel they were part of the action, and The French Connection amped up the cinematic car chase scene by filming in the real streets of New York City with real traffic and pedestrians unaware of what was going on. Of course, more recently we’ve had the Fast and Furious franchise which features some ridiculously over-the-top stunt and effects work that have made audiences cheer.

I’ve been looking forward to the remake of Poltergeist because the trailer and the TV spots had given me hope that the familiar bits from the original would be there, especially that spooky clown, and they’d amp up the scares with some new stuff as well.

It’s a common belief in Hollywood that women can’t carry a comedy movie. It took Bridesmaids to change that perception, but female-led comedy buddy movies are still few and far between. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy managed to bring a lot of laughs to their cop comedy The Heat, but McCarthy and Susan Sarandon’s pairing in Tammy was a bit limp. Now we have Reese Witherspoon, an actress not known for delivering a lot of laughs, and Sofia Vergara, who can deliver comedy gold on Modern Family, pairing up as a cop and a witness about to testify against a drug lord in the buddy comedy Hot Pursuit.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Boy Gets Girl, Boy Loses Girl

There is much to admire about straight writer/director Eric Schaeffer’s new film Boy Meets Girl. First, the film’s lead character, pre-op transgender female Ricky, is portrayed by transgender actress Michelle Hendley, making her film debut. As if that wasn’t enough, Schaeffer gets one of the most riveting and unforgettable performances out of Hendley, making it a debut with promise and resonance.

I love movies. I love going to the movies and I love watching movies at home. I love writing about movies, something I’ve been doing now for 15 years. But I often feel like I’ve become jaded by seeing so many movies. It’s hard to find something that really surprises me anymore, something I desperately want to talk about with my friends after a screening. Maybe Hollywood just isn’t turning out those kinds of gems anymore, focusing more on blockbuster tent pole event movies that they can hopefully extend on for many, many sequels at the cost of doing something new and original.

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