Friday, September 01, 2017

Single Carrot Theatre-Boldly Goes

Written by  Frankie Kujawa

The Single Carrot Theatre, now celebrating its 11th season in Baltimore, will thrill audiences with a diverse series of adaptations, collaborative efforts, and new works. “By subverting and reframing familiar figures and figureheads,” the ensemble boldly declares, “Single Carrot Theatre will challenge everything we thought we knew.”

Running from September 29th to October 27th is Lear, by Young Jean Lee. It’s “Shakespearean drama meets millennial self-indulgence” in an outlandish and driving take on King Lear. Running from February 2nd to 25th, 2018 is A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney, by Lucas Hnath. Leaving the magic of Disney behind, this darkly humorous performance examines the “megalomaniac who shaped a thousand childhoods.” The performance delves into the dark heart of the Disney machine and focuses on power, betrayal, deception, and ultimate disillusionment of a man filled with hubris and obsessed with his own legacy.

A beloved tale of magic and mystery gets a new update as Peter Pan runs from April 27th to May 20th. The classic childhood story is re-imagined as Single Carrot, in collaboration with Baltimore LGBTQ residents and service groups, creates an adaptation that “includes contemporary conversations on sexuality, gender, and performative identify, and embraces queer culture.” Neverland is “transformed from a distance fantasy to a modern safe-haven for those who have been rejected and devalued, a stronghold against normalcy and a place where Peter and his Lost Boys can finally be themselves.”

Putin on Ice, written by Lola Pierson and directed by Yury Urnov, hits the stage in fall 2018. The show, co-produced with the Acme Corporation, will entice audiences as political puppetry and savage spectacle meet in a “fantastical new portrait of Vladimir Putin.” This piece will blend fable and melodrama to create something “both entirely new and thrillingly strange as it examines a man who is elevated to myth status through cycles of power, control, and political savagery.”


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