Friday, October 13, 2017

Actor Bears All in Iron Crow’s Rocky Horror

Written by  Frankie Kujawa
Terrance Fleming Terrance Fleming

On the heels of its acclaimed production of The Cradle Will Rock, the Iron Crow Theatre is bringing a “science fiction double feature” to the stage as The Rocky Horror Show will cause audiences to shiver in antici … pation. Running at the Motor House (120 West North Avenue, Baltimore) from Thursday, October 26th to Tuesday, October 31st, Iron Crow’s annual performance follows the story of sweethearts Brad and Janet who encounter the wildly seductive world of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Along the way they find a creepy butler, a devious maid, and the delightfully muscular creation, Rocky.

Baltimore OUTloud chatted with actor Terrance Fleming, who will play the oiled Adonis Rocky later this month. “This role of Rocky I take very personally, as it is very much so part of my brand.” Explained Fleming. “I take a good bit of pride into my physical health and appearance, and that’s because I played sports and committed to sports well before I got into acting.”

Fleming, a native of Mobile, Alabama, says that as he moved into the acting arena, he found himself less physically active. “Giving up sports for acting caused me to sit down a lot more which was difficult. As I delve further into acting I now look for any role where I can show the strength that I have – since that’s not exactly something that I can put on my acting resume. I can’t showcase those kinds of skills since there isn’t tangible proof. So that has caused me to look for roles where I can show that as part of my brand.”

Fleming continued. “When I was in college, I was first introduced to Rocky Horror while I was at University of Southern Mississippi (USM). The show was so neat and wild. It was totally out of any realm I had ever considered performing. Then, suddenly, this god-like creature [Rocky] came out and I was thinking to myself, ‘That person has to be in shape for that type of role.’ So, immediately, I thought that this type of role would be up my alley. Then, watching the movie and seeing this creature, that he’s built like a god, but also an infant – the mind of a baby – that made me very interested in this character.”

Having arrived in Baltimore (on New Year’s Eve 2015, to be precise) Fleming soon joined Iron Crow Theatre thanks in part to an open casting call for their Artscape performances. “I came to Baltimore because my girlfriend moved here after she graduated from school. I was looking for a new place to get in front of audiences and have my craft accepted the way it had been accepted by audiences in Mississippi.” Fleming added that thanks in part to the discerning eye of Artistic Director Sean Elias his talents were recognized and he gained more works at Iron Crow.

As Fleming prepares to take on his role of Rocky this month, the actor is quite comfortable and confident leaving very little to the imagination. “Bryce [Guerriere] and I are really good friends,” he says. Guerriere played Rocky in Iron Crow’s 2016 production of the show. “I’ve seen the pictures of him, and he knew I was going to play Rocky this year. He said, ‘Yeah, it’s pretty much like the only thing the audience can’t see is the one thing you can’t show them.’” Fleming laughed. “But I’m confident in myself, and I’ve been fully exposed on stage once during a performance for Annex Theatre. Once you’ve done that, there’s not much more that you can show on stage that you’re not comfortable with.”

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