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Friday, July 24, 2015

He’s Just Grand

An Interview With Gay Singer/Songwriter Steve Grand

Coming in at number eight on Out Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelors of 2015, gay singer/songwriter Steve Grand may be single but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t millions of men (and probably some women) who are in love with him. In return, Grand, who made his name singing about unrequited love in his hit single / YouTube video “All American Boy,” has unleashed a bounty of love on his fans (who helped him raise funds via a Kickstarter campaign) with the release of his long-awaited full-length album All American Boy (

Friday, July 24, 2015


An Interview with Rapper & Featured Baltimore Pride Entertainer

Y-Love (aka Yitz Jordan)’s claim to fame is being the first gay, black, Hasidic Jewish rapper in the industry. In the first grade, California-born, Baltimore-bred Yitz developed a fascination with Judaism, converting formally at the age of twenty-two. That same year, he studied at an Israeli yeshiva and began rapping at the local club. His unique blend of English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Aramaic, Arabic and Latin words made him practically an overnight sensation in Jerusalem. A year later, he and his fellow emcee (who granted him his stage name) moved to Brooklyn, where he remains to this day, although he returns home to Maryland as often as he can.

Do you have trouble telling a bear from an otter? Let John Waters help.

“The bear community is a community that all gay people know what they are, but no straight people do,” he says. “Bears are middle-aged, overweight gay men, and they like it. They are hairy and they like cubs, which are younger versions. And then there are otters, people who aren’t fat or hairy yet but will be.”

Perhaps the first gay white rapper and break dancer to gain a national following, Cazwell is a born entertainer. With a surprisingly sophisticated sense of humor and apparently not a single shirt in his wardrobe, Cazwell wryly parodies New York club culture with sizzling energy, dazzling moves, and lots of eye candy. His outrageous and sexy music videos, usually featuring barely-clad dancers from the New York club scene, have a tendency to go viral. “Ice Cream Truck,” with such quintessential Cazwell lyrics as, “I’ll show you my drumstick / It will make your eyes gleam,” has scored 3.7 million hits since it debuted three years ago. Other hits include “I Seen Beyoncé at Burger King,” “All Over Your Face,” “Rice and Beans,” and “No Selfie Control.” I spoke with Cazwell, who recently launched the Ice Cream Truck underwear line (, about his career and more in May 2015.

An Interview With Margaret Cho

If you’ve ever seen any of the movies in Liam Neeson’s Taken series, you know they are as much homage to the vigilante movies of Charles Bronson as they are borderline caricature. However, if you are craving a true spoof, check out Tooken (Elevative), starring Margaret Cho as insidious male villain Brownfinger. Cho, whose Kim Jung Un imitation remains unequaled, channels that hysterical testosterone energy into the vicious Brownfinger whose fascination with dogs and explosives are almost inseparable. Tooken, which bows on VOD and digital download in late May, is a good way to reacquaint yourself with the busy comedian and to hold you over for her return to the stage for The psyCho Tour, hitting the road this spring and continuing throughout the fall. I spoke with Margaret in the spring of 2015 about the movie and more.

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